The simple fact is when it comes to managing people with neurological disabilities you need a specific set of skills.

That’s why we have narrowed our focus at Neuro Alliance to provide a more specific service. Our staff are constantly engaging in ongoing education and believe learning is imperative to being a good clinician. These are just some examples of interventions we can utilise. All clients in the following videos and photos are actual clients of Neuro Alliance and have provided their written consent to appear on our website. 

Ceiling mounted
-XY weight assisted harness

  • Used for sling transferring patients
  • Used for weight bearing assisted gait retraining 
  • Used for high repetition gait training on our treadmill to maximise neuroplasticity

Sliding tilt table 

  • Used for building static standing tolerance
  • Used for retraining the initial stages of hip and knee weight bearing extension at varying degrees of difficulty 
  • Useful for providing prolonged positioning of joints to maximise range of motion 

Electronic stimulation

EMG triggered stimulation, standard electrical stimulation, Bioness L300 and H200

  • Used in conjunction with functional activities to regain strength and promote neuroplasticity
  • New technology is now allowing us to only trigger muscles after they reach a certain level of activation to maximise their work load

  • We also are the exclusive fitting centre in the Hunter Region for Bioness

Bioness L300 - Activated

Bioness L300 - Before Activation

Soft splinting 

  • Managing the tone and position of a joint is very important
  • We are very passionate about splinting and getting the right splint for your particular problem
  • Neuro Alliance custom fits both static and dynamic soft splints
  • Whilst some research does not support the use of splinting for management of tone we believe targeted splinting with sound clinical reasoning is, in certain cases indicated
  • Used for both upper and lower limb


Carbon fibre lower limb splinting


  • We carry a full range of both static and dynamic carbon fibre / Kevlar composite lower limb splints
  • We have all sizes available to trial
  • This means we can trial the splint to assess its effectiveness
  • At times we may need to grind, or heat adjust the splint in our clinic
  • Having the right splint prescribed can make the difference to how mobile a client can be
  • Take a look at some of the amazing results that can be achieved

Saebo upper limb training program 

  • Used as part of a motor relearning program to promote neuroplasticity
  • We have the full clinician’s fitting kit for the patented SaeboFlex and SaeboReach
  • As well as this we have available the full range of Saebo upper limb rehabilitation equipment

Microsoft Kinect motion sensor rehabilitation TRAINING 

  • Used as a fun and interactive way to engage in therapy
  • In early 2016 we will be adding new services using internet based rehabilitation software integrated with Microsoft Kinect – WATCH THIS SPACE
  • Useful for people out of area to perform a range of specific Physiotherapist directed exercises remotely from their own home


  • European engineering means many clients can engage in meaningful therapeutic exercise

Gym equipmenT

  • Neuro Alliance has a range of specialised gym equipment at their purpose built facility
  • Rehab treadmill
  • Nohrd pulley system 
  • Webslide resistance system
  • Rehab stairs 
  • High weight capacity treatment plinths

Serial casting
& splinting 

  • Used to regain range of motion in a joint and lengthen the muscle(s) responsible for causing this reduction in range
  • Used very selectively and is only effective in certain circumstance